Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park
Soaring views of the Flint Hills landscape, and soaring high among trees near the Kansas River; amazing thrills await adventurers at north-central Kansas' first outdoor park to feature the scintillating zipline experience.

Fly high on Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park's seven thrilling runs. These include two double lines perfect for "zip races." You'll be awestruck by the hair-raising, 30-foot, free-fall finish.

Wacky Wildwood rides

Wildwood zips out sunrise rides, full moon rides and Halloween rides on special offers, and operates weekends from March through November, with specially-arranged Monday through Thursday group offerings.

Group zip runs

Wildwood can host up to 125 in your group for a single day. It's all about the full zip experience at Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park, with the personal touch of experienced group guides. Have a blast and soar above the Flint Hills. Get your Zip On! at Wildwood Outdooor Adventure Park.

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Wildwood Outdoor Adventure Park
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