National Festival of Breads

This is Kansas ... the heartland. Wheat Capital of the U.S. Breadbasket of the World. So yeah, we’re kind of a big deal. Manhattan hosts the National Festival of Breads on June 17, a biennial event perfectly situated at spacious Manhattan Conference Center.

  • 8:30 a.m. Daylong events begin 
  • 6 hourly baking demonstrations
  • 5-kilometer race (Wheat Foods Council sponsor)
  • 10 AM-Noon-2 PM BBQ demos

Fifth Biennial National Festival of Breads

NFOB traces its roots to the 1990 Kansas Festival, and categories have evolved over time. In 2009, the initial NFOB was staged in Wichita, making 2017 the fifth biennial event. Ronna Farley from Maryland was the grand prize winner.

The contest is sponsored by King Arthur Flour, Red Star Yeast and Kansas Wheat Commission.

Festival schedule
History: How, what and why of NFOB
Pennsylvania bread baker 2015 winner
2015 Recipe Book, presented by Kansas Wheat