Music in Blue Earth Plaza

Bread ... and more than bread 

Mix in rockin’ BBQ

and rock-n-roll music makes for full day of activities during NFOB at Blue Earth Plaza

When the olfactory senses lead you to Blue Earth Plaza for National Festival of Breads on June 17, plentiful events are slated keep you around for the day filled with activities. There will be plenty going on inside Manhattan Conference Center ballroom with contestants baking like crazy and floor demos for the heartiest baking enthusiast.

Meanwhile, outside in Blue Earth Plaza, BBQ Like A Pro takes center stage with grilling demon Rod Gray punching out pit perfection that will leave you salivating for the next slab of meat to simmer sinfully on your outdoor grill. Between BBQ Like A Pro sessions, climb in the Throwback T-Bird for some jamming sessions from The Past Blasters. This southeast Kansas-based group features three members in the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. Blasters were formed by Greg “Doc” Hockett and focuses on the “feel good” era of rock-n-roll from the 1950s and ‘60s.

Participants in Saturday morning's Enrich Your Life 5K will receive complementary Friday pasta dinner from the Wheat Foods Council. Also that evening, 18-year-old song-writing sensation Bryton Stoll will play some of his favorites. Stoll attends the University of Kansas and is a Marysville native. His debut studio album Finger on the Trigger is a collection of 10 original songs written over a three-year period.

Between all the baking inside and outdoor events around Blue Earth Plaza, we'll have you on sensory overload during June 17 NFOB.